• Seminari: «The "disneyization" of football: How clubs become entertainment multinationals and fans become "prosumers"»

  • Start: Friday, 19 November 12:00
    End: Friday, 19 November 13:00
  • Universitat de les Illes Balears, Carretera de Valldemossa, Palma, Espanya
  • A les 12 hores.

    A càrrec de Xavi Ginesta (Uvic).

    Lloc: EDAB24, Gaspar M. de Jovellanos, campus universitari

    Some sport organizations, for example European football clubs and the US franchises (NBA, MLS, MLB, NFL and NHL), have become “entertainment multinationals” (Rosaaen & Amis, 2004; Ginesta, 2020). This is the latest step in the evolution of the sports commodification and globalization process, which has been theoretically presented by Maguire (1999) or Rowe (2004). Hence, in a context of globalization, we can assume that sports commodification can be also defined as “disneyization” process, due to the similarities between the internationalization of The Walt Disney Company and its transformation into the most powerful organization in the media and entertainment industry (Iger, 2019) and how the richest sports organizations behave in the international sports markets. The objective of this seminar is to define what we understand as the disneyization process of the sports industry and to identify the main characteristics of this process based on an analysis of the European football industry. This research follows a qualitative methodology, based on a bibliographic revision of the main sport economic newspapers in Spain (Palco23 and 2Playbook), the analysis of the latest Deloitte Football Money League report (2021), and in-depth interviews with sport managers.